Can an HR technology solution actually save your business time and money? The answer is yes. Things have moved on dramatically in the HR software and outsourced HR arena. Perhaps you have in-house HR staff who largely use spreadsheets, or perhaps your employee files are still in a filing cabinet for all and sundry to poke through. If you have admin headache, or regularly waste time on HR admin, considering good HR software is definitely an option.

1 – HR software automates all those tricky, but crucial, tasks

Good HR software calculates staff holiday, manages holiday requests, makes sure that you’re paying staff the Minimum Wage in line with their age and much much more. Gone are the days of  going back and forth with holiday requests; a good system will tell you what holiday staff can take (even if they’re part-time), as well as keeping you up to date with the latest employment law changes. Imagine the time you’ll have to spend on growing your business, instead of playing with your calculator for hours on end.

2 – The HR software does it for you, no HR knowledge required

Good HR software, all the important processes are done for you without any HR knowledge required. You don’t have to tell it the statutory minimum for holiday; you don’t have to rummage through filing cabinets for your employment policies; and you don’t need to worry about the latest employment law changes –  it’s all handled for you – by technology. Saving you oodles of time to get on with running your business.

3 – Your employees’ data is kept secure in an HR software database

Good HR software allows you to access employee data whenever you want, it’s usually a cloud based system, meaning you can login from any device, anywhere and you can be sure that it’s not going to fall into the wrong hands or get lost. It’s always worth checking that the database is stored in a secure location and protected by the latest and best in online security. That way you know your employee’s information is safer than sitting in a filing cabinet.  You can also control who in your business has access to what information, too.

4 – HR software promotes transparency and trust

Given the freedom, we all approach problems and challenges differently. It’s human nature. When you’re away from your business can you trust that your staff and your managers handle HR in the right (and legal) way?

Good HR software removes this question. The processes, your business policies and ways of working are all mapped out for everyone to see and follow. This means you can trust your managers to take the right decisions more than ever before and avoid potential problems that could lead, at worst, to a tribunal claim.

And, when staff can view and request holiday, see their absence record and appraisals online, they can see that you are taking care of their needs as a responsible employer. Just notice how much happier and engaged your staff will be…

5 – HR software helps you stay compliant with employment law

We’ve mentioned that HR software can ensure you give staff the right amount of holiday, and also check that you’re paying them the right wage. But when it comes to employment law how does your business keep up with the constant changes?

A good system will send you notifications to make sure you are abreast of all potential changes that could affect your business and also send you reminders to ensure you never miss an HR deadline again. At the least this will ensure you wish your employees happy birthday on the right day and at the most it can save you an expensive employment tribunal because you haven’t complied with a new law.

These critical reminders coupled with speedy tracking of lateness or sickness can make HR software your lifesaver.

If you could use some help to get rid of spreadsheets, save time and sleep soundly safe in the knowledge that your staff needs are covered it might be time to take a look at HR software. Check out the Cog HR Software Features.