Leading the field in HR software

It really does alleviate pain and save you oodles of precious admin time.

Cog HR is an HR software product developed by a team of business owners and HR consultants with the joint aim of taking the headache out of HR admin. We thought about what features to include in the software very carefully, and consulted with a number of HR consultants, office managers and business owners to establish their real day to day challenges and how best to relieve them. Cog HR is the result.

cog HR is trusted by businesses and HR consultancies alike…

How It Works

  1. Take a demo & test out the system with live data.
  2. Sign up to Cog HR on a rolling monthly contract.
  3. Send our team your staff data in a spreadsheet.
  4. We’ll do the set-up and get you started.

Next Steps

To experience the real benefit of Cog HR we suggest you take a free demonstration.

In our experience free trials of HR software don’t work because you have to invest a lot time uploading your data first to really experience how it works.

We provide you with a demonstration followed by unlimited access to a test account with a dummy data set so you can test all features of the system as if it were real.