CogHR partners win more business and increase their customer retention…

Here’s How

Make your service stickier

When customers use HR software they are much less likely to change HR provider.

Get closer to your customers

With your customers business data at your fingertips you can offer a more proavtive service.

Offer your own branded software

The system will look like you so your customers will love the added value you (not we) provide them.

Provide a full service

Now you can offer HR consultancy AND software as one contract.

Increase your revenue

Invoice your clients directly so you decide what to charge for the software.

Who are CogHR’s partners?

HR Consultants

HR consultancies and HR freelancers use our software to manage their client’s HR needs. This increases admin efficiency and improves their client retention.

Employment Law Firms

Employment Law advisory firms are increasingly offering HR management to make their own service more sticky. Cog HR reduces their additional admin time to a minimum.

Other Consultants

Other consultants such as IT, Employment Law and Health & Safety consultants offer the Cog HR solution as part of their service to add value.


Hear what our partners have to say...

They're an essential part of my business. It's like having another member of staff.

Phil Battricksitm

Find out how we can improve your customer retention

Do you need more time in your day?

A partnership with CogHR enables you to offer your customers HR software that will help them grow their business.

We developed the system alongside a number of HR consultancies (big and small) to really understand exactly what features you and your customers need from HR software. Many software solutions just don’t cut it and lack key features that businesses really need. With that objective in mind we produced Cog HR, a system that you can fully white label as your own – and it includes all of the bells and whistles that many other systems leave out.

One of our support team will be happy to give you a full demo as that’s the only way you can really get under the bonnet and see the value. We are committed to helping you grow your business, after all, if you grow, we grow.

Share employee data in real time with your customers

Our support team help you get set up and set up your first couple of clients

Generate reports and provide analysis to your customers

We provide you with branded marketing materials to onboard new customers